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“You’re never too old to have a change in career”

We’re delighted to introduce Lydia Blight, a fantastic Painting and Decorating apprentice here at Caredig!

Lydia has been working with our Painting and Decorating team for 8 months and has just over a year left to complete her apprenticeship. However, as Lydia has been working exceptionally hard, she’s on track to become fully qualified in just a few months’ time – a whole year ahead of schedule! We are delighted to have such a hardworking person on our team.

Lydia was also recently nominated to take part in the #WorldSkills championship. WorldSkills is a global hub for skills which aims to ‘raise the profile and recognition of skilled people, and show how important skills are in achieving economic growth’. Being nominated to participate in this event is a brilliant achievement and something we are incredibly proud of Lydia for.

We met with Lydia recently to talk about her role at Caredig. Here’s what she had to say:

“I enjoy every aspect of the work I do at Caredig – there’s never a dull moment in the day, and no two days are the same which makes it a good experience. It’s therapeutic and very satisfying to see the transformation that a room goes through, and the people I work with make the job even more fun”.

“Through coming to work here I’ve learned that you’re never too old to have a change in career; I thought I knew exactly what I wanted out of life but then I realised I wanted to get out and about and see a different side of the world. I’m proud of myself for having the confidence to come into a male dominated trade and am really happy with how well everything is going.”

We are exceptionally proud of Lydia as she has shown fantastic dedication and skill throughout her apprenticeship at Caredig.

Lydia Blight is a Painting and Decorating Apprentice at Caredig.