Housing associations’ purpose is to provide good quality, affordable and safe homes where people want to live.

There are 37 large housing associations across Wales and many smaller local ones. Together, they build and manage homes for approximately 10% of the Welsh population.

Unlike councils, which are public sector organisations, housing associations in Wales are independent organisations, regulated by Welsh Government. Any surplus money they make is used to maintain existing homes, finance new homes and provide additional services to the communities where they are based.

Housing associations receive a grant from Welsh Government, which contributes to building new social homes across Wales. Housing associations also raise money to build new social homes through borrowing from banks and using revenue raised from building homes for sale. In 2017/2018, they built 1,876 new homes, 1,391 using social housing grant and 485 without grant.

Housing associations don’t just build homes, in 2018 they invested £445m working with health providers, social services and other organisations on community based projects.

How Housing Associations Work