Tips for a career in housing

Whilst my career didn’t start in housing, I’ve discovered that the sector is a hidden gem, with a wonderful world of opportunities awaiting if you are curious enough to venture in and explore them.

I’ve always been passionate about people and take great joy in seeing people develop, learn and grow. Whilst HR has many elements to it, at the core, its function is to create value through its people. All people have skills they are either lucky enough to naturally possess or determined enough to learn.

There are many existing skills you can transfer to a new role in housing. If you are a financial accountant in a bank you could join the finance team in housing and shape our community and funding plans. Do you work in retail, delivering customer service? Join one of over 55 resident schemes supporting those more vulnerable residents where communication and patience are highly regarded values. Work in HR? Join a HR team and really see the value of developing the colleague experience and how they can support engaged and satisfied communities.

The roles in housing are endless, from a career in Digital Services, to Regeneration and Development, to Customer Service and beyond.

If you are thinking of moving to a role in housing here are my top three tips to consider:

  1. Understand what motivates you and what you value. Housing is socially inclusive, placing people and communities at the heart of its activities. You’ll feel part of something and like you have a purpose.
  2. Housing needs all different types of thinking and views. If you have only previously worked in private companies, you’ll likely find your commercial thinking and views would be welcomed. You don’t need a public sector background to work in housing!
  3. You can see your success every day. Drive past one of your new regeneration projects that delivered 200 homes for low-income families and created a new community. Hear first-hand how you’ve made it easier for elderly customers to pay their rent. Satisfaction is part of the job.

Be brave, be curious and explore the opportunities. Become a housing hero.