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The Copper Foundation – a unique route into housing

Tai Tarian’s Copper Foundation was launched in 2017 and reached a notable milestone recently, by taking in its 10th cohort of recruits. 

The initiative upskills individuals who come from long-term workless families to help them find a route back into employment via appropriate training and on-the-job work experience.  

Recruits are given 12-month contracts and work alongside Tai Tarian’s experienced tradespeople to gain knowledge and expertise in a number of fields.

Since the scheme launched, the foundation has given opportunities to 75 people in total. It has seen them work on around 600 properties, enhancing their appearance and security through our external improvement programme.  
70% of those who have completed the course, have secured employment at the end of their contract.

One of the first recruits to enter the programme was Lewis Jones.   

After a successful year with the Copper Foundation, Lewis went on to secure a further role with Tai Tarian and is still with the business now. 

Speaking about his experiences, he said: “I learned a great deal by being part of the Copper Foundation project. I’ve worked with a great bunch of boys and had fantastic training and support from my supervisors and manager.

“I love working outdoors and I have now been able to use lots of the skills I’ve learned with the Copper Foundation in my neighbourhood job.” 

Nick Cope, Tai Tarian’s Head of Capital Investment said:  “The project is all about giving people a great experience of the world of work and over 12 months they undergo numerous training courses and play a huge part in improving the external areas of our properties. 

“They gain a whole host of practical experience, working alongside our experienced team of tradespeople. But, just as importantly we also provide them with additional support such as interview technique training and advice on how to write CVs and fill in job application forms, to prepare them for the next stage of their careers.”

Lewis video: