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Stuart’s story: Building homes to the highest standard.

Building homes to the highest standard is important to us – Stuart is part of Coastal’s development team in a role unique to Coastal which oversees the quality of its homes .

Before entering the housing sector I had worked for various building contractors as a site manager on construction developments. In 2017 the construction company I worked for suddenly went into administration and I was offered a role working directly for the client who was a housing association to complete the projects.

The exciting restructure of Coastal housing’s development team has seen the merging of the Project Manager and Clerk of Works roles. As a Contract and Quality Manager, I oversee the construction process of new build developments, from the design stage into construction and through the defect liability period. I oversee the project management while also carrying out quality inspections to ensure the quality of the homes is constructed to the highest standard.

This new role has allowed my construction experience to blend with my project management skills ensuring a varied and exciting role. 

The role is currently unique to the development team at Coastal Housing and offers the opportunity to learn new skills while utilizing the knowledge and experience gained from a career in the construction industry.

Housing has various areas where skills from other industries are valued and transferable. It also offers a flexible work-life balance and supports my career goals while ensuring I can work to best suit my parenting needs.”