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Ryan is following his passion

After following in my father’s footsteps, working in a local factory, I had a moment of realisation when I thought “is this where I truly see myself in 30 years’ time?”.

I was studying sport at college and coaching the Welsh under 12s table tennis team, and I knew my passion lay within youth engagement and activities.

Working in housing has given me exceptional freedom to support young people, from Monmouthshire to the Valleys, in roles ranging from Project Co-ordinator to Support and Wellbeing Manager.

After a few years, I was interested to see what my youth experience could bring to the role of Probation Officer. Although I enjoyed a new challenge, when the service became privatised it reminded me of what had first drawn me towards housing.

I realised that this was because I knew the housing sector reflected my core values and it’s certainly hard to beat this kind of career when you’re offered unique opportunities to really make a difference to young people – from sailing on tall ships to going on Duke of Edinburgh excursions.

Ryan Parry is a Young People and Families Senior Service Manager at Taff Housing Association.