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Redundancy was on the cards so I was on the hunt for a new challenge

After working as a Police Officer and then travelling throughout Wales in my last job, when redundancy loomed I just wanted a job closer to home that gave me a good work life balance.

I had worked closely with social housing providers in completely different guises in previous job roles so a career in housing seemed like a good option.

Tai Tarian’s offices are 10 minutes away from home so naturally the job section of their website felt like a good place to start my job hunt.

As if by fate the organisation were looking for an Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, something I dealt with day in day out at the Police and skills that you just don’t lose.

The job offered flexibility and a competitive salary so ticked lots of boxes plus as a key employer in the local area lots of friends and family knew people who worked there and feedback on them as an employer was positive.

Almost straight away it changed everything for me.

The flexibility allows me to fit commitments in around work so I don’t miss the important things. I can make sports day, school concerts, do school pick up or drop offs and still get the day job done.

Since I joined Tai Tarian there have been lots of opportunities within the organisation and I’m now working as a Senior Tenant Liaison Officer. The role is all about building relationships, problem solving and offering support to staff and tenants, so people skills are key.

I’m happy to have a really fulfilling job at a great organisation.


Cath Hughes

Senior Tenant Liaison Officer

Tai Tarian