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Paulo loves being able to work in the community

I work for Cardiff Community Housing Association as an Accountant. I got into housing because it’s a sector which helps people who are in need of housing and other services.

My role has changed over the 12 years I have worked in housing. At the moment I monitor the value of our properties, which means working closely with the Development and Maintenance teams to understand spend, trends, pressures and future requirements. This means we can deliver a good services for tenants and meet their needs. It’s great fun because it’s lots of data which I love.

I love working in housing because I can do something that helps people out. Also, the people I work with are lovely!

Most importantly, the organisation offers flexible working which enables me to support my family. CCHA encourages me to be part of the wider community so I can be a school Governor, and work around this.

It’s lovely to be able to work in a place that accepts that we are different and welcomes this. It’s amazing and blows me away every time!

Paulo is an accountant at CCHA.