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Maya never thought she’d have so many great opportunities

Hi, I’m Maya Waud and I work as an apprentice at Cartrefi Conwy. When I left college I had no idea what to do with my career, however one thing was certain; I had a keen interest in the world of business, a passion for helping people and a passion for learning.

I found out about housing through my mum who works in the Construction industry, and she heard about an apprenticeship. I really wanted to study a qualification alongside working in a job, and an apprenticeship sounded like the perfect opportunity to do that. I did some research on the housing industry and was amazed at how many different career paths I could choose from.

My experience as an apprentice so far has been unimaginable! Joining Cartrefi at 18, I never thought that I would have so many great opportunities. I have been able to develop myself professionally and have gained so much confidence. I’ve had the opportunity to lead on projects which really improved my communication and even leadership skills… as an apprentice! For example I project managed National Customer Service Week which involved communicating to the whole organisation and setting up an entire week of activities and events. I’ve also been able to do some public speaking (alongside the Deputy Housing Minister!) which was a huge step in my personal and professional development.

So what I would say to anyone considering a career in housing is just go for it! My experience has been so positive, and I would say you will always have more to gain giving it a go than not.