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“Knowing you have taken steps to help someone overcome specific issues, however big or small, is such a rewarding and worthwhile experience.”

Jessica Sullivan, Customer Engagement Co-ordinator

I joined United Welsh just over two years ago and this is my first role in housing. I have a background in the creative arts and have worked in an array of customer facing roles. After finishing my degree, I progressed onto a PGCE which, for me, was an eye-opening experience. I was amazed by the barriers to learning and challenges individual students faced to access further and higher education.

This, teamed with a diagnosis of MS, pushed me in a new direction, and I realised that I wanted to work in a role where I could help, support and empower people to overcome specific barriers. This led me to volunteering for my local Citizen’s Advice Bureau and eventually into my current role as a member of the Customer Engagement Team with United Welsh.

The Customer Engagement Team are an integral part of the organisation and are the first point of contact, offering frontline support while championing the ethos of the company. The role can be a demanding one but can also be rewarding when you consider the fact that you have helped someone.

The team manage all incoming queries across communication channels including telephone, email, social media and live chat. We are scheduled to ensure all areas are covered and tenants can contact United Welsh choosing their preferred method.

I may be spending the morning taking calls followed by an afternoon of responding to and supporting tenants via digital communication methods. I would usually start my day by checking my calendar to see what I have scheduled in. The team have regular meetings and training to ensure we are up to date and have the relevant information and knowledge to offer the best possible service delivery for our tenants. Training may be prompted due to changes in processes or legislation that may directly affect tenants. We are trained to be able to answer queries in a range of topics across all areas of the organisation.

We encounter such varied questions and problems, and every day is different, so it is so important that we have a sound grasp on all policies, procedures and services to provide a competent and confident service to anyone contacting United Welsh.  

The words ‘thank you’ are appreciated but just knowing you have taken steps to help someone overcome specific issues, however big or small, is such a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It is so important to remember the difference we can make or impact we can have on someone’s life just by answering their call. Every day creates new challenges and the team need to be both reactive and proactive. Saying that, the calls themselves differ incredibly, and you can never predict the nature of your next call, or at least I can’t!

It helps having such a supportive team and team leader. The team consists of the most approachable, attentive, and patient problem solvers who just genuinely want to help people.

Another positive about working with United Welsh is the opportunity to develop existing skills and gain new ones. Staff are invested in – not only to ensure that the service delivery is ‘first-class’ but to promote, empower and encourage professional and personal development. There is a massive focus on this and always opportunities for career progression. Staff can also access the United Welsh coaching network for support in helping to achieve their goals.

Since starting my role I have completed a vast amount of mandatory and elective training courses and I’m currently working towards a Level 5 ILM qualification in Coaching and Mentoring along with a Level 3 NVQ in Customer Service with the help and support of fantastic colleagues.

The culture of United Welsh creates such a caring, supportive, and inspiring place to work.