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Jonah loves the positive impact his job has

After joining Cartrefi Conwy just over a year ago, challenges have been thrown at me from all different directions. Before starting my role with Cartrefi Conwy I may have shied away from them, but knowing the impact I can have, I want to step up.

My work as a trainee surveyor is right on the front line. I’m actively engaging with tenants on a daily basis, looking into all aspects of their homes, making sure they’re in the best shape possible. My role varies from general property surveys to meet and greets for new tenancies, with new and different questions being asked every day.

With all these jobs going on, and so many questions being asked, it’s sometimes difficult to find the reasoning behind what we do. But when you see the smiles on tenant’s faces, and the impact of a new adaption or an upgrade to their home – you understand why we do this job. The compliments and kindness are not always needed but will not come unwanted either.

It may be difficult coping with all the questions and challenges being thrown at you when working in housing, but I can guarantee, the impact and certain moments shared with tenants are definitely heart-warming.

Jonah is a Trainee Building Surveyor with Cartrefi Conwy