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Joining the housing sector during a pandemic

Meet Ellie Devine, HR Assistant at Linc Cymru,

Ellie joined Linc last November, she applied for the role because of the different opportunities it would allow her to venture into.

She shares her experience with us:

“Before Linc, I understood the basic vision of the housing sector but didn’t know just how in-depth the support system is for all involved, not just residents but their family, friends and staff members at the homes. I get to see the inner workings and can really appreciate all the effort.

Joining a new company during a pandemic can be quite daunting. It is a lot easier learning the ropes when you’re physically in an office together; you can ask questions, have a natter and get a real feel for the place. However, my colleagues at Linc have made me feel so welcome. They took away any nerves from day one.. The team all welcomed me with kind messages and video chats, I was immediately included in the group discussions and asked for opinions and also invited to their “out of work” activities and events (the virtual Christmas Party was a blast!). . Everyone was upbeat, knowledgeable about Linc and went out of their way to make sure the whole team is supported during these tough times.

If you’re considering joining the housing sector, know that it’s not a straight forward operation. The housing sector cares for all aspects including the physical materials, emotional support and mental stimulation. Housing can be in demand due to old age, illness or unfortunate circumstances and can affect anyone. My advice would be to keep an open mind and know that the little things really make a difference.”