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’Inspired to return to ClwydAlyn’

My name is Rukhsana Nugent and I have just returned to ClwydAlyn, having worked previously in 2010  on employability schemes. I joined ClwydAlyn again on 22nd February 2021 to start an exciting and innovative position as an ‘Inclusion and Employment Specialist’. My first housing association experience was with ClwydAlynand it was so enjoyable and positive I did not hesitate to apply when I saw this new role advertised. I was captivated and drawn to the job description as this has been my passion all my life, part of my DNA where I strongly believe that everyone has real potential to be the best they can be.

My previous career history has been managing Equality Diversity Inclusion projects for the police service nationally, training police recruits, changing hearts and minds on Equality matters in public services and making a positive impact in empowering others to embrace Inclusion and Diversity. I also had the opportunity to work overseas in Qatar where I set up an Employment Program for people with disabilities and other groups who had been marginalized by society for being different and excluded from society for many generations.  

I have always been drawn to community engagement roles and working in the heart of the community, whether this was through my Mental Health recovery work, delivering the effects of homelessness, tackling poverty, effects of crime and disorder, inequalities within public services, working with victims of Hate Crime, working in partnership with other housing associations, local authorities, drug and alcohol agencies and delivering Confidence and Wellbeing programs for victims of domestic violence and delivering vulnerability training packages.  

I possess an extensive career history nationally and internationally and have felt privileged to experience diverse work opportunities where I have met people from all walks of life and made a real difference to people’s lives, either internally in a range of organisations and externally for residents, community members and for the hardest to reach members of society.

I am thrilled to be returning to ClwydAlyn as an Inclusion and Employment Specialist to be part of exciting and progressive journey where there is a real opportunity to drive culture change in line with core values of Trust, Kindness and Hope. A workplace where people’s differences are embraced, and staff and residents are valued.  

Employment tailored support will also be included for residents within our communities into employment, through apprenticeship schemes, volunteering opportunities and work placements.

I strongly believe that together we can raise the profile of inclusion and Employment programs and make a real difference to residents lives and empower our staff to reach their true potential and bring their best contributions to achieve our mission – ‘together to beat poverty inclusively’.