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Housing is completely varied and allows for personal development

(Read time: 2 mins)

I have been working in housing for 21 years. I got into housing after being made redundant from a credit card company, with a receptionist job for the housing team at the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

I’ve worked for Melin as a Community Safety Officer for nearly six years and have gone from part-time to full-time. It is really hard to give an overview of how one day looks, as no two days are the same. I usually start the day with a daily meeting with police and other agencies. Then I could be compiling legal papers for court cases, speaking to residents – taking complaints or advising that a complaint has been made, making support referrals and liaising with other agencies to ensure our residents needs are being met.

Working in housing has been great, it is a sector that has such variety and the experience you gain in any role can transfer. During my career I have been able to get a few qualifications; a HNC in Housing Policy and Practice and I recently completed my CIH Level 4 in Housing. I love the fact that working in housing allows you to work closely with other agencies which means you can then learn from each other as well as helping each other out.

I think if you want a job that is completely varied and allows personal development then housing is definitely the way to go. It allows you to gain valuable experience across the board to develop skills that are easily transferrable into a vast number of roles, don’t just think about joining a housing association, do it and you won’t look back.

Ceri Carter, Community Safety Officer at Melin Homes