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Caroline’s Story: My moto in life is to help motivate people to live better, positive lives and hopefully bring a smile to faces.

Hi there! I’m Caroline, the Tenant Liaison Officer at Newydd Housing Association. In this blog, I’ll be sharing information about what exactly my role involves, as it’s quite a new and unique role.

Why housing?

I wanted to work for a housing association as I like their values and mission in helping people. My moto in life is to help motivate people to live better, positive lives and hopefully bring a smile to faces. My role is very rewarding, I get to meet and work with lots of different individuals and make some great friends along the way. I am learning so much about the social housing sector, decarbonisation, and spreadsheets!

What does my role involve?

Essentially, my role involves communicating and building strong relationships with tenants and answering any queries that tenants might have about the Optimise Retrofit Programme. I am lucky to be in a position where I get to hear about various people’s lives and experiences, whilst also supporting them in different ways. Sometimes, a listening ear is all that’s needed.

As part of my role, I’ve developed a decarbonisation focus group where we gather tenant’s feedback and ideas on the Optimised Retrofit Programme. Most of our tenants are extremely happy to be participating in the programme as we are making improvements to their homes. However, if individuals are hesitant, I am here to explain the process, reassure them that we will support them along the way.

With the help of the marketing team, we’ve developed literature on the programme for tenants; including leaflets and factsheets on topics such as solar panels and external wall insulation. This ensures that our tenants have all the relevant information that they need in one place. In the future, we are looking to promote the programme further by developing an informative video using a tenant’s home as a case study. We hope this will help us to visually show tenants what the process of decarbonising their home is like.

Feedback from tenants

The feedback we’ve received from tenants has been really positive. Here are some quotes we’ve had about doors and windows being installed.

“Amazing, the French doors look gorgeous…I can really feel the difference there is no longer a draft. I’m really pleased. The fitters were really nice. I can’t fault them.”

“They [window fitters] were very professional. They cleaned up without being asked. Even though they were replacing the windows I hardly knew they were here. The work looks to be a very good standard.”

Here are some quotes from tenants about the installation of Intelligent Energy Systems:

“The fitters were absolutely amazing, very friendly and polite. It was explained by yourself [Caroline] and the fitters. No issues as far as I am aware of.”

“Definitely had enough info and happy where it is as managed to fit in cupboard out of sight. Fitters very good…polite friendly and tidy. Would be happy to say not an issue. Overall, very pleased with how it went. After they left didn’t look as if any workmen had been here.”

The future

It’s a privilege that I get to see the positive difference we’re making to a tenant’s life by improving and making their homes more comfortable. I was right to choose this sector; the support I get from colleagues and my husband, who also works at Newydd, has been amazing, and the training offered has really helped me to settle into my role. I have developed my skills and knowledge and know I have a very exciting career ahead of me working for Newydd.