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Head chef Jamie gets creative…

I have a lot of freedom to experiment with menus and often get creative for special occasions.

Working as a chef in a nursing home, is certainly a rewarding and enjoyable job. When I began working for Linc I was a freelance chef, with a hotel and restaurant background. I joined the team temporarily but I enjoyed my time here so much that I decided to apply for the role full time.

My understanding of the housing and care sector was limited to brief periods spent travelling the country as a freelance chef, landing in the housing and care sector on the odd occasion. It wasn’t until I became Head Chef at Capel Grange Nursing Home that I realised just how special working in care really is.

No two weeks are the same. One week we entertain the residents with a speciality afternoon tea or a BBQ Party, then the following week we hold a fine dining birthday event with a restaurant standard three course meal.

A typical day involves making breakfast for 8am for any early risers and finishes at around 10:30 for anyone who enjoys a lie-in. We serve lunch from 12:45pm, afternoon biscuits and cakes from 3pm and dinner from 5pm.

There is lots I enjoy about my job! I have a lot of freedom to experiment with menus and often get creative for special occasions, and it’s great spending time with residents in their homes, chatting with them and hearing their amazing stories.

Working here means I really get to know the people I cook for, something you just don’t get in a restaurant environment. I get to see the residents each day and it’s been a privilege getting to know them and their quirky personalities.

Working at Capel Grange Nursing Home has assured me that this is where I want to work, and what I want to do. I’ve always been passionate about food and working here means I get to share that passion with residents in a way that really makes a difference.

Jamie Parker-Evans is Nursing Home Head Chef at Linc Cymru