Gavin has been encouraged to enhance his personal and professional development

I started working in housing by applying for a six-month vacancy to gain some work experience. Seven years on, I have never looked back and now feel part of the furniture at Rhondda Housing Association (RHA). I was transformed from a shy and reserved individual into a forward-thinking person who always looks to get involved and contribute ideas. The knowledge I have gained of the housing sector has been extremely valuable and I have had the pleasure of meeting a huge range of knowledgeable people during my time at RHA.


I have always been encouraged to progress my career and have undertaken many types of training which have been vital in enhancing my personal and professional development.


My day-to-day role is always varied and exciting. The advancements in current and new technologies mean that I must be on the ball to provide the best support that I can to my colleagues so that they have the correct tools to carry out their duties effectively.


The best thing about working in housing is seeing the difference you can make to individuals’ lives. RHA operates in one of the most deprived areas of South Wales; this is also the area in which I grew up (and still live to this day) so it has a special place in my heart. To be part of this and to give something back fills me with a great sense of pride. We like to apply this outside of our work too, whether by participating in walking rugby or embarking on long walks, raising money for local charities.


For anyone looking to pursue a career in the housing sector, I would advocate doing so. If you are passionate about empowering people and want to make a difference, then a career in housing is the way to go. Working in this sector is very rewarding; I am glad I was given a chance to do so.

Gavin is an ICT Assistant at Rhondda Housing Association