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Finding love at work: Terri and Pete’s story

Terri and Pete had been colleagues for a few years before their friendship became something more.

Terri, who has worked at Linc for 19 years, is part of the customer services team and admits that she always had a soft spot for Technology Manager Pete, “I had liked him for a while, but it took a bit of Dutch courage for me to message him one day and suggest we should go out on a date. I’m not sure if he was shocked or not but he said yes, and we arranged to meet.”

However, the couple’s first date didn’t quite go according to plan, as Terri explains, “Pete and I had arranged to go to the cinema, but while having a quick drink in Cardiff beforehand, a number of Linc colleagues saw us and joined us for a drink. Our first date turned into a work night out!”

Terri and Pete rearranged their first date and saw each other again just a day laterWhile they had originally planned to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, Terri’s revelation to a particularly chatty colleague, saw news spread. The couple quickly learned that their colleagues weren’t surprised, “Our friends at Linc were so supportive and lots of people said that they had seen it coming. It was almost as if they had known it was going to happen before we did!”

Five years on from that first date, the couple are now living together in the Vale of Glamorgan with Terri’s son Oliver. Terri and Pete feel that their time as colleagues and friends gave them a strong foundation for their relationship, as Pete shares, “I didn’t expect to fall in love at work, but Terri and I have gone from strength to strength since that strange first date experience with our Linc friends. We support each other through the good and bad, and even enjoy working from home together, sharing our dining table workspace.”

Terri and Pete are part of the Linc Cymru team. This story is being shared as part of St Dwynwen’s Day.