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Every single day is different for Charles

I love my job as every day is different; each day is a learning curve.

After completing university in 2004, I began looking for employment with no thought about what sector that might be in. The only thing I was looking for was something I would enjoy and do my best at!

I’ve worked in a few different sectors but have spent the longest in housing. I saw a job advertised with Coastal Housing and I liked the specifications, benefits and rewards so I applied. It was a six-month, temporary role, initially working in the finance department where I consequently spent just under nine years. I am pretty sure they kept me so long because I baked some tasty cakes!
After Coastal Housing I then joined Valleys to Coast. I can still remember the panel interview like it was yesterday, and the feeling when they told me I’d got the job. The prospect of a new challenge and meeting new people made me feel excited.

My role at Valleys to Coast involves being responsible for paying colleagues their wages every month, returning VAT and assisting the Management Accounts team with budgets and monthly reporting. I have a superb colleague, Bev, who assists me with the sales and bank elements.

I love my job as every day is different; each day is a learning curve. It’s more than just sitting at my desk punching away at the keyboard; it brings new challenges and puts me out into the wider business to learn about what’s going on. There is, of course, the pressure of making sure my colleagues get paid every month – but with that comes the feeling of great satisfaction and reward when payroll for the month has been completed.

I have now worked in the housing sector for more than 11 years and have definitely realised the importance that this sector brings. It is clear that we do more than just provide homes; it’s about building communities, where families feel safe and have opportunities to build a future for upcoming generations.

It’s now been a little over two years working with Valleys to Coast and it’s been brilliant. I do wonder though, are they keeping me for my cakes?

Charles is a Finance Officer at Valleys to Coast