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Dominic changed his life

In the past, I have had experience of homelessness, and I feel that makes me well placed to understand what people are going through and how I can support them.

I was unemployed and a tenant with ClwydAlyn when I was first given the opportunity to go on a trainee programme. I started out as a project worker, but my manager would often put me forward for new development opportunities. They knew how to make the most of my strengths and how to remedy my weaknesses, and although I am now a manager on one of the schemes that ClwydAlyn runs, my training doesn’t end. I have recently been on management training programmes which help support my role.

Today, I can happily say that I am married, with two children and a home, and that’s all because I became a part of an organisation that wants to make a difference.

It’s great to know that I am now able to give something back. It’s lovely to see the difference being made to people’s lives, but it’s also rewarding to watch them see the changes in their lives too.

ClwydAlyn has given me a chance to redress the issues in my life, and I don’t think I could work anywhere else now.

Dominic is a training manager at ClwydAlyn