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Dan went from tenant, to apprentice, to gas engineer

I grew up in a Taff house and as a kid I used to ask the engineers who came to our home about their trades and what they did to get there.

One afternoon, a leaflet advertising a plumbing apprenticeship was posted through our door but I didn’t meet the age requirement. Despite this, Taff’s Community Investment Team supported me to find other opportunities, and despite no prior plumbing experience I gained a place on an apprenticeship course beating 73 other applicants.

I worked hard – attending college during the week and working on weekends – and after four years it all paid off when I gained my plumbing and gas qualifications.

Through word of mouth I heard about an opportunity to work at the housing organisation that had given me that initial break. It was someone in housing who believed in me even when I didn’t match the criteria for an opportunity, so I knew I had to go for it.

Working in housing feels like fate – it was those engineers who used to come to my home as a kid who first inspired me and I hope I can do the same for others.

Dan is a Gas Engineer at Taff Housing Association