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Ceri Anne went from tenant to front-line staff

In 2015 I was a young single mum and a tenant who lived within the local community. It was a difficult time for me, day to day life was hard, finances were tight and I was struggling with depression.

CCHA helped me get onto a volunteering programme, and supported me through a training course on interview skills. Through this training, and by volunteering at a local community centre, I built up enough confidence to apply for a receptionist position at CCHA which I was delighted to get.

I continued to receive support and skills development through mentors within the housing sector, and in 2016 I secured another role as an assistant in the community and regeneration team. But I didn’t stop there! My confidence and skills continues to grow and in 2017 I moved into a permanent role as a Customer Service Advisor, working on front line operational issues that support tenants.

Ceri Anne is a Customer Service Advisor at CCHA