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Alys works in a creative, caring environment

Making real connections with the community makes every day feel worthwhile.

Six years ago, almost to the day, I woke up and thought to myself ‘I want to do something which makes a difference to people’s lives and start giving back to the community’.

A month later I entered my first community care role having trained in the more ‘creative’ arts at university in Graphic Communication.

Many commented that I was making an extreme career change, but all I could think was, ‘if I’m not helping people in the work that I do, was I ever going to feel a sense of purpose in my career?’

Working in a role to earn a wage and go home was never enough for me; I needed to feel as though I was really making a difference to the lives of those around me.

Fast forward a few years and I was presented with the opportunity to start a Business Administration apprenticeship, based in the communications team in the same organisation in which I was a carer.

It’s been uplifting making this change; I feel as though I still get to do what I had originally trained for while still having that connection to the community. This month I applied for, and was successful in securing, a permanent role with Hafod as a Communications Assistant and I couldn’t be happier.

Getting to work in a creative, caring environment, surrounded by people who all want to help people in some way, is exactly why I found myself beginning an exciting career in housing, support and care.

I’m still making real connections with the community which makes every day worthwhile.

Alys is a Communications Assistant at Hafod